Get to Hikes with us, but first - Get to Know us!

Get to Hikes is located in Madeira (Portugal) and was established by the local company in 2023 with the aim of facilitating hiking logistics.


At Get to Hikes, we recognize the importance of reducing traffic and protecting the natural environment. We noticed the need to improve bus service in the most popular places like Rabaçal Valley and its beautiful Levadas and also the Pico do Arieiro area.


We offer roundtrip transfers to self-guided hikes, so you don’t have to worry about parking logistics nor walking the trail both ways. Instead, you can spend more time wandering around the area admiring the fabulous landscape.


To use the time to the utmost we recommend you to check our hints in the Trail Timing Guide in the Inspirations section.



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We want you to travel easily!

We’re only successful if our customers are happy. This is why we ensure that our professional drivers:

• Are on time
• Are fully insured
• Are polite and friendly
• Are local

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May your experience bring you closer together!

We encourage our customers to take advantage of the opportunity to make new friends on the bus and hike together. Therefore we provide you with a language badge on entering the vehicle so you can connect with people speaking the same languages.