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Discover the breathtaking landscapes of Madeira with’s exclusive "Transfer to Pico do Arieiro" service. Our specialized pico transfers from Funchal to Pico do Arieiro ensure that your journey to one of Madeira's most iconic hiking trails is comfortable, convenient, and completely hassle-free. Whether you're a solo adventurer or traveling with companions, our bus service caters to all your transportation needs, offering multiple pick-up and drop-off points across the island.


Seamless transfer from Funchal to Pico do Arieiro


Embarking on the adventure from Funchal, provides a reliable Pico do Arieiro transfer service, connecting hikers with the majestic peaks of Madeira. Our routes include bus stops at strategic locations such as Ajuda, Lido I, Lido II, Funchal Center, Canico I, Canico II, and Garajau. This flexibility allows travelers to join or leave the journey at various points, making it an ideal option for those looking for a tailored hiking experience.


Discover Pico do Arieiro - Madeira's majestic peak


Pico do Arieiro, Madeira's third highest peak, stands as a testament to nature's grandeur, offering unparalleled views of the island and beyond. At an elevation of 1,818 meters, it serves as a gateway to some of the most spectacular hikes in Madeira, including the famed trail to Pico Ruivo. The peak is accessible to adventurers of all levels, promising an unforgettable experience amidst the clouds. With, reaching this majestic destination has never been easier, allowing you to immerse yourself in the beauty of Madeira's landscapes.


Explore the Pico do Arieiro - Pico Ruivo - Achada do Teixeira trail


The Pico do Arieiro to Pico Ruivo to Achada do Teixeira trail (PR 1 + PR 1.2) is a must-visit for any hiking enthusiast. This well-maintained path features handrails, numerous steps, uneven surfaces, and a few tunnels, offering a moderate level of difficulty. The trail stretches over 10 kilometers, with an elevation gain of 637 meters, and typically takes between 3 to 5 hours to complete, excluding breaks.


Hikers are advised to carry extra gear such as a headlamp or torch for the tunnels. The journey begins at the Pico Areeiro parking lot, leading you through breathtaking viewpoints, including the "Stairway to heaven," and culminates at the Achada do Teixeira parking lot, where our bus will be ready to transport you back.


Convenience and comfort for Pico do Arieiro hikers


Booking your transfer to Pico do Arieiro with is straightforward. Visit our main page, select the number of people, destination, date, and click “Search.” After reviewing your transfer in the cart, proceed to checkout, enter your payment details, and finalize your booking. A confirmation email with a unique QR code and exact pick-up time will be sent within five minutes. If you haven't received your booking voucher, please check your spam folder before contacting us at Remember, is the exclusive platform for booking your transfer, ensuring a seamless process from start to finish. Should you need to cancel, refunds are available up to one week before your transfer, ensuring flexibility for your travel plans.


Our service focuses on transfers to and from the trailhead, providing a self-guided hiking experience that frees you from parking concerns and allows more time to enjoy Madeira's stunning landscapes. While we do not offer guided tours, we equip you with all the necessary information, including a detailed Trail Timing Guide available in the Inspirations section of our website, to make the most of your hike.


Whether you require a one-way transfer or have questions about the hike's duration and your fitness level, is here to assist. We ensure that the hike is manageable within the allotted time, allowing for breaks and photo opportunities along the way.


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Whether you're contemplating the bus from Funchal to Pico do Arieiro or searching for the most efficient Pico transfers, is your go-to solution. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your journey to and from Madeira's hiking trails is not just a transfer but an integral part of your adventure on this beautiful island.


Join us and discover why is the preferred choice for hikers looking to explore Pico do Arieiro and beyond. Book your transfer today and step into a world of breathtaking beauty, unmatched convenience, and unforgettable hiking experiences.